At Mega Cricket World, customers will find a variety of channels designed for effective and direct communication. 

  • Live Chat: The Live Chat feature is a real-time solution for immediate queries, guaranteeing an instant response. Ideal for issues that need to be resolved quickly, it offers a simple and efficient way to interact with our support team.
  • Email: For users who want to get detailed answers or share detailed feedback, we are ready to provide email support at This channel ensures that every request, no matter how complex, receives a detailed and thoughtful response from our team. 
  • Social media: In today’s digital age, our presence on popular social networks provides a dynamic way to inform and interact. Thus you can find our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Messenger: Combining the immediacy of chat and the ubiquity of social media, Telegram services offer users another way to connect with us.
  • Physical address: For those who value face-to-face communication or want a real insight into our operations, our physical address in Bangladesh is Rail Gate, Near Railgate, Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road, Dhaka – Chittagong Highway, Comilla 3500
  • Phone Number: Sometimes a voice conversation can provide clarity that a written message does not. Our dedicated phone line in Bangladesh allows users to communicate directly with our team on +8807772217791.

Each channel and communication method has been designed with our users in mind, ensuring that you will always be heard by our support team.